Black Juniper Ginepro Nero

Long, pointed leaves that scratch the air all around, scenting it with their pungent, sharp aroma. A green spot moving in the breeze, gently yet statuarily bending and growing in height or length depending on the climatic conditions in which it lives. Strong, stoic, heroic, tough, resilient. In a nut-shell: a free plant. That is the Juniper, which has always been known for its almost legendary prop-erties and used in history as a "spiritual shield" to protect what man loved the most. This is a line designed to "protect" every man's well-being and vitality. From Juniper berries we obtained distilled wa-ter and a most valuable extract which, combined with Sesame and black Cumin extracts, enrich these products making it possible to recover vital force thanks to their selected active ingredients and brave, masculine fragrance. A line that will take care of every man's skin and "pamper" it with its beneficial properties. Not surprisingly, Juniper berries are precisely called... cuddles.

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Energising Aftershave Lotion Black Juniper Ginepro Nero 100 ml

Aftershave with refreshing and toning properties
to je €16,00 za 100 ml

Energising Body Cream Black Juniper 200 ml

Body emulsion with energising and moisturizing properties
to je €8,95 za 100 ml

Energising Deodorant Lotion Black Juniper Ginepro Nero 100 ml

Deodorant lotion no-gas with a dynamic fragrance
to je €11,50 za 100 ml

Energising Shaving Foam Black Juniper Ginepro Nero 200 ml

Energising shaving foam with Black Juniper, Sesame and Black Cumin
to je €4,95 za 100 ml

Energising Shower Shampoo Black Juniper Ginepro Nero 250 ml

Body and hair cleanser with woody and citrus notes
to je €4,40 za 100 ml

Fragrance for Scented Wood Sticks Black Juniper Ginepro Nero

Revitalizing fragrance for home
to je €18,90 za 125 ml