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Bath Gel Assenzio Absinthium 200 ml

Perfumed bath gel with micro-spheres of Vitamins E for a shower of invigorating well-being
to je €4,75 za 100 ml

Bath Gel with vitamin E micro-spheres Ambraliquida 250 ml

A highly aromatic bath gel with ancient beneficial actions
to je €3,96 za 100 ml

Body Cream 3 Rosa 200 ml

To stave off the danger of sagging and premature ageing of the skin
to je €9,95 za 100 ml

Body Cream Ambraliquida 250 ml

A seductive and mysterious note for your entire body
to je €7,96 za 100 ml

Body Cream Fior di Salina 200 ml

The plant principals extracted from typically Mediterranean plants, like Lentiscus and Salicornia, act in this Cream to make skin soft and silky, enveloping you in a perfumed aquatic, aromatic trail
to je €8,95 za 100 ml

Body Cream Frutto della Passione Passion Fruit 200 ml

A refreshing and protective action for your skin
to je €9,75 za 100 ml