Caprifoglio - Honeysuckle

A reminder of fresh mornings, country lanes, spring breezes; the harmony of youth and the optimism of a very sweet and irresistible fragrance. Its unique, flexible stem can firmly wrap around the trunks and branches of plants, reaching several metres in height, therefore leading it to be referred to by the quaint and charming name of Honeysuckle. The name itself evokes all of the fragrant sweetness of a scent which is almost a filter of love...

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Perfume Honeysuckle 50 ml

A dreamy note like spring breezes
to je €37,80 za 100 ml

Perfumed Body Cream Caprifoglio Honeysuckle 150 ml

Perfumed emulsion ideal for every skin type
to je €10,67 za 100 ml

Perfumed Sachet for Drawers Caprifoglio Honeysuckle

Sachet that delicately perfume clothes and linen
to je €3,20 za 1 piece(s)

Perfumed Soap Caprifoglio Honeysuckle

Soap with Jojoba Oil for dry and sensitive skin
to je €4,50 za 1 piece(s)

Shower Gel Caprifoglio Honeysuckle 250 ml

Perfumed shower gel for delicate skin
to je €3,96 za 100 ml