Corteccia - Bark

Willow, Cluster Pineand Oak, generous and fruit-bearing trees with tough, strong and resistant bark that conceals secret and highly precious active substances... as well as an extremely fresh green, aromatic, woody fragrance.

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Aftershave Fluid Bark Corteccia 100 ml

Nourishing and toning aftershave treatment
to je €16,00 za 100 ml

Perfume Bark Corteccia 50 ml

Aromatic and long-lasting fragrance for him and for her
to je €45,80 za 100 ml

Shower Gel Bark Corteccia 250 ml

A fresh bath foam with an extremely gentle cleansing action
to je €3,96 za 100 ml

Soapless Bar Bark Corteccia

Gentle soap bar for face and body
to je €4,90 za 1 piece(s)