Fiore dell'Onda

For anyone who misses far-reaching stretches of sea and for anyone who feels the desire to re-immerse their thoughts in the salty and laughing waves throughout the entire year, the Fiore dell'Onda line has captured the aromatic and pungent note of the sea breeze and has combined it here with the fragrance of salt, which blooms with every crash of a sea wave. Hence, the creation of this penetrating perfume with its unbridled energy, that rides this complete and fresh range of bath and home products like a wave. The beneficial extracts of plants flourish in its balanced formulas. Extracts which, by simply placing or immersing them in water, obtain their life force and beauty from it. Purple Alga Nori and Blue Water Lily, with its splendid pointed flowers, generously provide a Shower Gel, a Fluid Cream and a Soap with their enviable array of flavonoids, mineral salts, proteins and vitamins. Hence, every day they provide your skin with a layer of softness and protection, as well as an essential contribution to the fight against premature skin ageing and unsightly loss of tone. The fundamental Fragrance for scented wood sticks also allows you to enjoy the breeze of Fiore dell'Onda in the rooms you spend every day in.

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Fluid Body Cream Fiore Dell'Onda 200 ml

Fresh and invigorating emulsion with a marine scent
to je €8,95 za 100 ml

Fragrance for Scented Wood Sticks Fiore Dell'Onda

Home fragrance diffuser with aromatic marine notes
to je €15,12 za 100 ml

Perfume Fiore Dell'Onda 50 ml

To raise brackish and blue reminiscences on your skin
to je €45,80 za 100 ml

Roll On Deodorant Fiore Dell'Onda 50 ml

Effective and protective deodorant for sensitive skins
to je €23,00 za 100 ml

Scented and Refreshing Water Fiore Dell'Onda 125 ml

Fresh and light body Water without alcohol
to je €15,92 za 100 ml

Shower Gel Fiore Dell'Onda 250 ml

Fresh and lively body cleanser with a marine fragrance
to je €3,96 za 100 ml