L’Erbolario was founded in Lodi in 1978. After some years L’Erbolario becomes a renowned and affirmed international company, a leader in the Italian market of plant-based cosmetics and an increasingly appreciated brand also overseas. L’Erbolario has entered the homes of over 10 million Italian families. Successfully exported to 42 countries around the world, L’Erbolario is the name of an unmistakeable style that represents natural beauty. L’Erbolario creates unique perfumed cosmetic lines, which usually contain shower gel, body cream, body soaps, lotions, perfumes, home fragrance or diffusers, candles etc. (Camelia, Iris, Narcis, Peony, Rose....).

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Aftershave Fluid Assenzio Absinthium for Him 120 ml

Fresh aftershave with toning and invigorating properties
entspricht €13,33 pro 100 ml

Aftershave Fluid Bark Corteccia 100 ml

Nourishing and toning aftershave treatment
entspricht €16,00 pro 100 ml

Aftersun Duschbad 375 ml L’Erbolario

Körperreinigung Badewanne und Dusche mit Karotte und Nussschalen, tan extender
entspricht €3,33 pro 100 ml

Gel Creme nach der Sonne mit Pollen 125 ml L’Erbolario

After-Sun-Gel-Creme frisch und beruhigend für Pollenblumen und pflanzliche Proteine
entspricht €11,60 pro 100 ml

Bath Gel Assenzio Absinthium 200 ml

Perfumed bath gel with micro-spheres of Vitamins E for a shower of invigorating well-being
entspricht €4,75 pro 100 ml

Bath Gel with vitamin E micro-spheres Ambraliquida 250 ml

A highly aromatic bath gel with ancient beneficial actions
entspricht €3,96 pro 100 ml