Fior di Salina

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Body Cream Fior di Salina 200 ml

The plant principals extracted from typically Mediterranean plants, like Lentiscus and Salicornia, act in this Cream to make skin soft and silky, enveloping you in a perfumed aquatic, aromatic trail
entspricht €8,95 pro 100 ml

Oil-Scrub for the Body Fior di Salina 500g

The exfoliating properties of Salt are used in this do-it-yourself treatment, that stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and smoothens it, leaving it moisturised and silky
entspricht €4,38 pro 100 gram(s)

Perfume Fior di Salina 50 ml

A perfumed path through the citrus and aromatic scents of the Mediterranean coast
entspricht €45,80 pro 100 ml

Shower Gel Fior di Salina 250 ml

Fragrant Shower Gel which leaves you the feeling of the toning freshness of the Mediterranean breeze
entspricht €3,96 pro 100 ml