For anyone yearning or a bit of tenderness, L'Erbolario has dedicated a very special bath care line to the most delicate flowers and fruity and clean notes. A very fragrant bouquet accompanies the use of these excellent, targeted products that gently care for your body. Light-hued flowers, delicate yet intense; bashful, yet with a penetrating fragrance. Bergamot, Cabbage Rose and Lily: it will be exciting to discover how many sensations the stars in this line will offer you!

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Perfume Fiorichiari 50 ml

A fresh and luminous bouquet, unmistakable with its indulgent, fruity notes
entspricht €41,80 pro 100 ml

Shower Gel Fiorichiari 250 ml

A gentle and milky cleansing cream for sensitive skin
entspricht €3,96 pro 100 ml

Smoothing Body Fluid Fiorichiari 200 ml

To moisturise, smooth and perfume your skin
entspricht €8,95 pro 100 ml