Peonie - Peony L’Erbolario

Splendid petals - from delicate and satiny ones, to plusher ones with a velvety feel - with fascinating colours and a dreamy scent: this is the Peony, and it is no coincidence it has been named the Queen of flowers. Paeonia suffruticosa is a plant belonging to the ranuncolaceae family, grown in China since the 8th century B.C., exclusively for the pleasure of the imperial families. So extraordinary is the flower that it still distinguishes itself today as the symbol for nobility and sophistication. Of the many legends connected to the Peony, is the one about the Empress of Catai who, wanting to impose her wishes on flowers and trees, ordered the flowers in her imperial gardens to bloom together. The Peony was the only one to refuse, and was banished to the mountains, amidst the snow. But the flower continued to bloom, so the Empress recalled it from exile, crowning the Peony as the Queen of flowers. Its name, in Chinese, means pretty: and L'Erbolario dedicates this line of formulas, rich in particularly effective active ingredients, to personal beauty. In fact, from Peony root we have obtained a fluid extract enriched with polysaccharides that provide cell membranes with plenty of protection. From the same root, left to macerate in Maize germ oil, L'Erbolario Laboratories have obtained an extract that makes skin radiant, protecting it from premature ageing. Lastly, from the petals of this splendid flower, L'Erbolario has developed a fragrant distilled water that helps preserve skin tone, covering it with its aristocratic and sensual fragrance.