About us

In the north of Italy, we find the small town of Lignano, whose long sandy beaches wash the Adriatic Sea waves. The sea is touching the beach constantly, relentlessly, sometimes with great force, the sea is beautiful, it's a gift, it's nature. Close to the sea, in the center of Lignano in the pedestrian zone, we find a place that is like the sea - sometimes it is quiet and tranquil, sometimes full of excitement. It is a place where we work continually and tirelessly, we meet here with nature. The place is called Erbolandia and is natural pharmacy.

The natural pharmacy Erbolandia is amongst other shops of clothing, jewelery, restaurants, ice cream parlors, etc. in the pedestrian zone, oasis of health, harmony, optimism, aroma of natural essences, herbs. Here new energy, power, nature is drawn.

The natural pharmacy Erbolandia (formerly L´isola verde) lead the two sisters Barbora and Michaela, who are indistinguishable from each other and each is knitting them. They are single twins :)! They come from the beautiful country of the Czech Republic, where the relationship to the nature is a tradition. Barbora graduated from the University of biology and ecology, and Michaela holds a Diploma in health care.

In the natural pharmacy Erbolandia, we find natural products of preference for Italian brands, represented here are also high quality products of Swiss, German, American, Australian and other brands. The manufacturers of natural cosmetic and medicine are selected based on experience, recommendations and intuition.

The natural pharmacy Erbolandia undergoes constantly changes in its development - new natural brands come in, including a brand new range, changing the furniture equipment of the shop, providing additional services (testing, measurement, diagnostics, consultancy ...), creating e-shop /www.mibaerbolandia.com/, creating customer bonuses, advertising, etc. We do our work with enthusiasm, interest, determination, love, and faith in the fact that living in harmony with nature is essential and meaningful.