Conditioners and balsams

After removing hair dirt with shampoo, we use hair conditioners as a follow-up care. They create a soft coating on the hair, temporarily repairing the surface of the hair, giving it a shine and making it easy to adjust.
Subsequent inner care is formed by hair balm. They penetrate into the bark of hair, help to repair and strengthen the inner part of the hair. A suitable balm removes the faint and dull hair shape, increases natural elasticity and reduces mechanical damage to hair. Using conditioners and balms is very important in proper hair care to be healthy not only inside but also on the surface.

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Balm - Cream Refreshing Riacidifying for colored hair Line Helen Capelvenere 200 ml

Protective restructuring program, color-saving treatment indicated for hair treated with streaks, bleached or dyed, permanent. Balm - Cream Refreshing Riacidifying .
equates to €7.50 per 100 ml

Hair balm conditioner Protective After sun Linea Monoï de Tahiti Helan 100 ml

Anti-dry anti-knot color-saving treatment. Revitalizing hair balm conditioner after sun.
equates to €13.50 per 100 ml

Volumizing Balsam for fine and thin hair, light and volume Line Capelvenere Helan 100 ml

Program light and volume, fine and thin hair with split ends, difficult to comb, without volume. Volumizing Balsam.
equates to €13.50 per 100 ml