Face gels

The facial gels usually contain one or more herbal ingredients and are delicate in consistency and light texture. They are very suitable for the specific care of delicate facial skin. Because they contain no chemical or added ingredients, they function as a great nutrition for the skin, providing freshness and elasticity. Unlike a facial cream, Gel nourishes and moisturizes.

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Facial Cleansing Purifying Mousse Linea Viso 3 pelle grassa e impura Helan 100 ml

Detergent mousse. Oily and impure skin. Specific triple action natural formula: reduces the production of sebum, limits microbial growth, removes and carefully removes impurities.
equates to €14.00 per 100 ml

Facial Sebum-regulating Cleansing Gel Linea Viso 3 pelle grassa e impura Helan 150 ml

Cleansing Gel. Oily and impure skin. Light consistency and oil-free formulation, to remove and remove residues of makeup, dust and smog carefully.
equates to €9.67 per 100 ml