Face serum

Conventional, luxurious complexion-filled serums work instantly and only until the serum is shed. Natural skin serum, on the other hand, works after facial washing as they are full of concentrated natural substances that nourish the skin. Skin serum is a blend of high concentration of active and nutritional substances that instantly penetrate the skin. She can deal with tired, strained, dried and wrinkled skin. It is suitable for all ages, women and men. It is amazing to indulge in an intense cure after the summer or at the end of winter, when the skin is gray and tired. Its consistency can be liquid, gel, but also milky. Regular use leaves the skin soft, rejuvenated and nourished. Quality sera help maximize the effects of face yoga exercises!

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Cleaning micellar water Anti-wrinkle Restructuring for delicate and sensitive skin Linea Viso 4 pelle delicata e sensibile Helan 100 ml

Cleaning micellar water. Delicate and sensitive skin, for face, neck and décolleté. A soft and soothing micellar formula.
equates to €14.00 per 100 ml

Hjdrata jaluronico Concentrate Filler Super Hydrating 15 ml Helan

Precision anti-wrinkle for the eye and lip face
equates to €100.00 per 100 ml

Hjdrata jaluronico Super Concentrate Hydrating Serum 30 ml Helan

Light, evanescent, super concentrated, the Super moisturizing Serum is the spearhead of Hjdrata specialties for face, neck and décolleté
equates to €80.00 per 100 ml

Linea viso 1 Opacifying Serum 30 ml Helan

With immediate action, thanks to the presence of white clay, it dries and hides the small localized defects
equates to €60.00 per 100 ml

Regenerating Lifting Serum Anti-Wrinkle for face 50+ Linea Elisir Antitempo Le Età della Bellezza Helan 30 ml

New vigor and youth in this impalpable and super energetic concentrate for face, neck and décolleté. Serum Lifting 50+.
equates to €80.00 per 100 ml