Fat hair

Fat hair is more a cosmetic problem, and even a few hours after washing, it looks as though it's thin, sticking to the strands and losing volume. The cause may be poor care,
bad eating (saturated fats, sugars), inheritance, stress, hormonal contraceptives, chemical hair cosmetics. Fat hair is best to wash daily with a quality gentle shampoo without silicones and oils. Unwanted are aggressive, too fragrant and unnecessarily too foamy creamy consistency products. Hot water or air wakes the sebaceous glands to act, which is undesirable. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and cool with cold air. Hand-combing and frequent brushing are also flawed.

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Shampoo for dry dandruff hair with woods and barks of conifers Linea Helan Capelvenere 200 ml

Specific cleansing program, indicated for dry dandruff hair, for a definite reduction of desquamation and itching mitigation.
equates to €5.25 per 100 ml