Hair styling, Accessories

In addition to cleaning and nourishing hair cosmetics, hair care products are also available. Natural styling products do not stick, they allow hair to move and promote healthy shine. For hair styling, varnishes, waxes, hardeners or gels are used.
For everyday hair routine it is necessary to have a high quality comb or hair brush in the bathroom to ensure perfect combing without unnecessary pulling or torn hair.

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Ultra-glossy Nourishing Wax antistatic modeling for wavy, curly, rebellious and frizzy hair Line Capelvenere Helan 50 ml

Antistatic modeling moisturizing program for wavy, curly, rebellious and frizzy hair, difficult to handle especially if you want a disciplined hairstyle. Wax Ultra-glossy.
equates to €28.00 per 100 ml