Helan Linea Couperose for sensitive skin with red veins

The couperose is the persistent reddening of the skin due to dilatation of the capillaries and slowing of the circulation. As a result of these external factors, the capillaries lose their natural elasticity, they tend to remain in a state of dilation, accentuating the redness and losing their function of nourishing the cells and removing the toxins. The specific Linea Couperose performs a beneficial softening action, soothes the characteristic redness and protects from irritating external agents. Further enhanced by the optimal use of an exclusive complex of extracts, oils and vegetable butters optimizes the protective action of the collagen and elastin fibers and helps to improve microcirculation and promote oxygenation and epidermal nourishment.

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Anti-wrinkle night cream for face and neck Linea Helan Couperose 50 ml

Delicately generous, nourishing and anti-wrinkle formula for face and neck, for couperose, rosacea. Night Cream.
equates to €54.00 per 100 ml

Day cream for face with red veins DD Face and neck cream Linea Helan Couperose 50 ml

Refreshing and moisturizing day cream for face and neck. Recommended for skin with red veins - rosacea, rosacea. DD cream - daily defense - maximum daily skin protection.
equates to €48.00 per 100 ml

Opaque two-color face corrector Linea Couperose Helan 4 ml

Antirossore and illuminating, minimizes imperfections for hypersensitive skin of the face. Face Corrector in two colors.
equates to €350.00 per 100 ml

Soothing Micellar Water for face and neck Linea Helan Couperose 100 ml

Make-up remover for sensitive, delicate skin, with couperose for face and neck. Soothing Micellar Water.
equates to €14.00 per 100 ml