Red veins / Cuperose /

Red or even purulent veins are the result of a reduced quality of the elastic fibers of the venous wall, which gradually loses elasticity. The remains are widespread and are becoming more and more visible. This aesthetic problem concerns both women and men, it is most often of genetic origin, worsening encourages excessive sunbathing, hormonal imbalance, some medication, unhealthy lifestyle and the external environment. As a precaution, sensitive care with targeted products, gentle decorative cosmetics without chemistry, protective creams with UV factors and, of course, prevention of external influences are worthwhile.

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Anti-wrinkle night cream for face and neck Linea Helan Couperose 50 ml

Delicately generous, nourishing and anti-wrinkle formula for face and neck, for couperose, rosacea. Night Cream.
equates to €54.00 per 100 ml

Day cream for face with red veins DD Face and neck cream Linea Helan Couperose 50 ml

Refreshing and moisturizing day cream for face and neck. Recommended for skin with red veins - rosacea, rosacea. DD cream - daily defense - maximum daily skin protection.
equates to €48.00 per 100 ml

Opaque two-color face corrector Linea Couperose Helan 4 ml

Antirossore and illuminating, minimizes imperfections for hypersensitive skin of the face. Face Corrector in two colors.
equates to €350.00 per 100 ml

Soothing Micellar Water for face and neck Linea Helan Couperose 100 ml

Make-up remover for sensitive, delicate skin, with couperose for face and neck. Soothing Micellar Water.
equates to €14.00 per 100 ml