Skin Care

Men's skin contains more collagen, which supplies the skin with water and is also responsible for its elasticity and elasticity. Therefore, the skin has a firmer texture on the face and less worry about wrinkles at a certain age. But testosterone causes sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, young men have more problematic skin and acne. Over the years, all types of men and their needs change.
For skin cleansing, men tend to choose solid natural soaps to more thoroughly cleanse an effective mask. Most men choose moisturizing daily creams, in case of acne or ointment problems, then specific creams. Strong sun rays cause premature aging and wrinkling, pigment spots even on robust male skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate sunscreen.

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Wash cream for beard and mustache for men Linea Elemi Uomo Helan 100 ml

Wash cream for beard and mustache for men. Dermopurifying and detangling anti-static: ideal for dense beards tending to dry. The correct pH is not aggressive.
equates to €10.00 per 100 ml